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Inam Bashir "left" and John Jeffries "right" were both the victims of the 1996 bomb explosion which was detonated within London Docklands on the 9th February by the IRA.


Key Objectives of our Organisation


  • Supporting victims and their families who have been affected by conflicts of many types

  • Developing community engagement that over time can become self-funding projects which benefits the wider community as a whole

  • Providing education and empowerment through vocational and self-lead projects including facilitating the area of conflict resolution and understanding

  • Sourcing ideas and theories that can be developed into trust building workshops in particular specialising in groups that have been previously reluctant to engage positively

  • Enhancing all humanitarian activities that add real value to the baseline needs of the communities at large

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Jonathan Ganesh outside 10 Downing Street, 2012.

"The DVA continues to enhance humanity due to our global and local initiatives."


Our President Jonathan Ganesh "pictured left outside No 10 Downing Street", through the DVA global network and supporters, is honoured to support the Thai Children's Trust as a result of the immeasurable hope that has been brought to countless children many of whom are severely disabled. Founded in 1972 by the late Fr Ray Brennan, providing support to vulnerable and disadvantage in Thailand.

The Trust also supports many initiatives such as the Teachers Preparation Centre (TPC) a training school for mobile teachers training programmes in Mae Sot. The TPC helps train individuals who work in the eastern states in Burma/Myanmar who are trying to improve educational standards in those regions ravaged by years of internal conflict.

The DVA provides educational and empowerment scholarships due to our commitment to encourage young people. It is the aims of the DVA to encourage young people from all diverse backgrounds and religious faiths to work together in partnership within a structure programme that prevents conflict and enhances humanity through mutual understanding.

Jonathan Ganesh was injured during the Dockland's terrorist atrocity on the 9th of February 1996, he was rushed to hospital for his injuries.

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Injured, Jonathan Ganesh taken to hospital, London, Docklands, February 9th 1996.

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Docklands Victims Association has been recognised by Mayor Ahmed Omer with victims of international terrorist violence unveiling a Plaque dedicated to the London's Docklands Victim at South Quays DLR station 2009.

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Mayor Ahmed Omer with victims of international terrorist violence London's Docklands Victim at South Quays DLR station 2009.

Docklands Victims Association in the News

Responding to David Cameron's announcement of an independent inquiry into the Government's process of sending secret letters to IRA suspects, the President of the Docklands Victims Association, told ITV News that the victims in Northern Ireland and the UK "have been far too forgotten."Jonathan Ganesh, who was injured during the Docklands bombing in 1996, said that "to actually give somebody immunity... causes great concern."

source: ITV News, 

Jonathan Ganesh the President of the Docklands Victims Association reacts to NI letters inquiry. Speaking on ITV News 27 February 2014.

DVA President Jonathan Ganesh and some of the projects we support: Jonathan presenting a cheque to Orphanage to assist their Educational Programme 2004. A return visit to Thailand to see the Empowerment Centre for the disabled 2005. Jonathan working with London multi-faith group 2012. Jonathan with Wayne Gruba Co-Founder Docklands Victims Support & DVA Bright Futures.

Please see below a video of our multi faith memorial service held at Canary Wharf, 2011.

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